Intellectual Property

We are actively building the intellectual property portfolio for our technology and product candidates. Our policy is to establish and maintain protection of our proprietary position by filing or in-licensing U.S. and other foreign patents and applications related to our technology, inventions, and improvements that are important to the development and implementation of our business.

Liminatus is an exclusive licensee of multiple patents and patent applications in the United States and world, including the European Union and Japan. We believe that the current patents, patent applications, any future patents, and other proprietary rights underlying our technologies and products are essential to our business and will affect our ability to compete effectively with other companies. Our patent portfolio and filing strategy is designed to provide multiple layers of protection to our technology and inventions by pursuing claims as highlighted below.

For example, with respect to the GCC Cancer Vaccine product, we have an exclusive license for patents and patent applications that include the vaccine composition encompassing a viral expression vector that comprises a nucleic acid molecule encoding an extracellular domain of the human ST receptor protein; a nucleic acid molecule encoding a chimeric protein comprising an extracellular domain of GCC linked to one universal CD4+ helper epitope PADRE; and an infectious recombinant (adeno) virus comprising the chimeric protein.

Similarly, we have an exclusive license for the patents and patent application regarding GCC directed CAR-T cells that cover an isolated plurality of T cells recognizing at least one epitope of GCC; the method of making a nucleic acid molecule that encodes a protein which recognizes at least one epitope of a mucosally restricted antigen; an anti-GCC antibody molecule; and a method of treating cancer cells that express GCC.

These patents will expire between 2023 and about 2033, with further extensions possible for time in FDA review.