Cancer Vaccine (Immunotherapeutics)

Cancer vaccines include immunotherapeutics that treat cancer by administering cancer-specific antigens to stimulate the patient’s immune system.

Cancer vaccines can be classified into “preventative vaccines” and “therapeutic vaccines.” Although preventative vaccines have a large market share in the global cancer vaccine market, such market share is forecasted to decrease due to the emergence of therapeutic vaccines.

Therapeutic vaccines are immunotherapeutics that are less toxic compared to standard therapeutic modalities like radiation therapy and chemotherapy. By increasing the survival rate of cancer patients whose overall health is more tenuous, and thereby providing more treatment opportunities, therapeutic vaccines are expected to lead the growth of the cancer vaccine market.


The Cancer Vaccine Market

  • The global cancer vaccine market was USD 2.5 billion in 2015 with an annual average growth rate of 17%
    • Forecasted to reach USD 7.5 billion by 2022
  • Currently, there are three types of cancer vaccines available in the market:
    • GARDASIL by Merck Sharpe & Dohme
      • Preventative vaccine for cervical cancer
      • Recorded a blockbuster sale in 2015 and reached USD 860 million in Q3 of 2016 with a sharp increase of 38% compared to the same quarter of 2015
    • CERVARIX by GlaxoSmithKline
      • Preventative vaccine for cervical cancer
    • PROVENGE from Valeant
      • The first and only FDA-approved therapeutic vaccine for prostate cancer
      • Registered as the most expensive cancer treatment drug covered by Medicare in the U.S.